On Bounded Rationality

III Urrutia Elejalde Foundation Summer School, July 31- August 4, San Sebastian

A summer school organized by the Basque Country University and the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation. 

Director: Elena Iñarra, Universidad del País Vasco

The Instituto de Economía Pública , on behalf of the Fundación Urrutia-Elejalde is organising the Third Urrutia-Elejalde Summer School on Economics and Philosophy, under the title: "On Bounded Rationality". The Summer School is mainly intended for graduate students and young Ph.D. researchers on the foundations of economic analysis and on the philosophy and methodology of economics. In this new edition, the general purpose of the School is to analyze the topic of the bounded rationality. Its aim is to promote reflection and discussion on fundamental topics, as well as personal contacts between first rate professors and young researchers. Each session is planned to include two lectures about a key issue on bounded rationality followed by a general discussion among all those attending. Space will be made available for brief communications by other participants.



• MODELING BOUNDED RATIONALITY: Ariel Rubinstein (University of Tel-Aviv)

• SOCIAL NETWORKS: Fernando Vega-Redondo (University of Alicante)

• CASE-BASED DECISION THEORY: Itzhak Gilboa (University of Tel-Aviv)

• MOTIVATION AND BELIEF: Jon Elster (Columbia University)


• ECONOMIC NORMS: Akihiko Matsui (University of Tokyo)


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