4th Southern Europe Experimentalists Meeting

SEET 2013, Tenerife North (Canary Islands, Spain), January 31- February 2.

The meeting mainly promotes active interaction among researchers in experimental economics, behavioral economics and related areas, and we encourage theoretical contributions. A list of potential topics/sessions includes industrial organization, social preferences, (behavioral) game theory, risk attitudes, markets, field experiments, labor & gender economics, networks, neuroeconomics, asset markets among others.

Organizing committee:

  • Pablo Brañas-Garza, Middlesex University Business School
  • María Paz Espinosa, U. del País Vasco and Bridge
  • Natalia Jiménez (chair), GLOBE: University of Granada
  • Jaromír Kovárík, U. del Pais Vasco & Bridge
  • Praveen Kujal, U. Carlos III, Universidad Carlos III


Prospective contributors are invited to submit abstracts of their papers to the organizers through the registration form at the SEET website by December 1, 2012.

For more information, contact info@granadaworkshop.com

Looking forward to seeing you in Tenerife!

Natalia Jimenez

Chair of the Organizing Committee



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