Shahriyar Nasirov

Three Essays on Energy Policy. Supervisor: Aitor Ciarreta

Committee Members

  • María Paz Espinosa (UPV/EHU) 
  •  Pablo Arocena (Public University of Navarre) 
  •  Laura Malaguzzi (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin) 
  •  Fidel Castro (University of Vigo) 
  •  Ainhoa Zarraga (UPV/EHU) 


The first chapter of PhD dissertation covers market power and competition issues in the Iberian Day-Ahead Electricity Market. We mainly study different both traditional and alternative metrics of market power applied in Spanish and Portuguese electricity markets. Moreover, we evaluate the some mitigation options that made Spanish Pool less evident in term of market power abuse. The second chapter studies the effects of encouraging RES within the liberalized Spanish electricity market. In particular, we study empirical observations how regulatory changes through entrance of renewable had an impact in bidding behavior of agents in Spanish Electricity Market. The third chapter is study of Azerbaijan oil and gas industry. It illustrates the impact of this sector on Azerbaijan’s economy including role of State Oil Fund and the main concepts of Azeri PSA model. Meanwhile, the article establishes the government policy by indentifying several factors that influenced to attract foreign investment to oil and gas sector and examines significant challenges that still remain for further development of the country’s oil industry.


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