Characterizing multidimensional inequality measures which fulfil the Pigou-Dalton bundle principle

C. Lasso de la Vega, A. M. Urrutia, A. de Sarachu.
Social Choice and Welfare, 35 (2), 319-329.

The Pigou-Dalton bundle dominance introduced by Fleurbaey and Trannoy (Social Choice and Welfare, 2003) captures the basic idea of the Pigou-Dalton transfer principle, demanding that, in the multidimensional context also, “a transfer from a richer person to a poorer one decreases inequality”. However, up to now, this principle has not been incorporated to derive multidimensional inequality measures.

The aim of this note is to characterize measures which fulfil this property, and to identify sub-families of indices from a normative approach. The families we derive share their functional forms with others already obtained in the literature, the major difference being the restrictions upon the parameters.



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