Peter Biro, (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

at BCAM. He will give a seminar on Friday March 13 at 12.00

Computational aspects of matching problems under preferences
Abstract: Since 1952 matching schemes have been designed to allocate students to
schools (Hungary, Singapore, New York, Boston) and higher education
institutions (Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Turkey), residents to internship
positions (US, Canada, Scotland, France, Japan) and kidney donors to
patients (Australia, Canada, Netherland, Spain, UK, US). The coordinators
of these centralised schemes elicit the preferences of the participants
and then they compute an optimal/fair solution according to some well
defined objectives. In this talk I will present some particular matching
problems under preferences motivated by real applications and, besides
clarifying their computational complexity, I will show different
approaches that are used to solve these problems in practice.


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