Workshop in honor of Federico Valenciano

June 9, UPV/EHU

A small workshop is organized in honor to our colleague and friend Federico Valenciano, on the occasion of his upcoming retirement. It will take place on the 9th of June. During this workshop some colleagues and co-authors will present a paper. In addition, after the workshop there will be a lunch. If you are interested in attending the workshop please confirm your participation.



Elena Iñarra

Annick Laruelle

Norma Olaizola


Faculty of Economics



9.00-10.50 Chair: Elena Iñarra

  • Salvador BARBERA
  • Ehud KALAI

10.50-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-12:05 Chair: Annick Laruelle

  • Jean-François LASLIER  

12.15-13.05 Chair: Norma Olaizola

  • Francis BLOCH

13.05-13.30 Former students' comments


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