Jose Ramón Uriarte


Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona: 1976 : B.A. in Economics.

University of Essex (U.K.): 1979, M.A. in Economics.

University of Essex, 1982, Ph.D. in Economics (Supervisor: G. Chichilnisky)


Full-time appointments:

.Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona  (Department of Economics): 1976-78 Lecturer

.Universidad del Pais Vasco-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (University of the Basque Country, Department of Economics) :

1982-85 Senior Lecturer.

1985-89: Associate Professor.

.Universidad Pública de Navarra-Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa (Department of Economics, Pamplona):

1989-1995. Professor

.Universidad del Pais Vasco-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (University of the Basque Country, Department of Economics, Bilbao):

1995- Professor



Universidad del Pais Vasco-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.

Departamento de Fundamentos del Análisis Económico I-Ekonomi Analisiaren Oinarriak I Saila

Avenida Lehendakari Aguirre, 83

48015 Bilbao, Basque Country-Spain


Visiting appointments and visits to other research centers:

Université de Rennes, February 1984 and 1987

University of Virginia 1991-1992

Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin September 2011-January 2012

Université de Genève: February 2012-July 2012


Fields of research:

Procedural decision-making

Game theory

Experimental and Behavioural Economics

Modelling bounded rationality

Teaching experience:

Undergraduate: Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory, Choice under Uncertainty, Social Choice

Graduate: Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory.


Director of BILBAO Laboratory of Experimental Analysis (

The laboratory Bilbao LABEAN is a research facility built by the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis I, officially opened in July 2009.  

The laboratory is equipped with a network of 45 computers and four servers located in the control room.







I.  Topological Social Choice:


 “Topological Aggregation of Inequality Preorders” (with M. Le Breton y A. Trannoy)  

Social Choice and Welfare 2  (1985): 119-129.


"Topological Structure of a Space of Continuous Preferences as a Space of Retractions and the Aggregation Problem”

Mathematical Social Sciences 13 (1987): 259-272.


“On the Robustness of the Impossibility Result in the Topological Approach to Social Choice” ( with Michel Le Breton)

Social Choice and Welfare 7 (1990): 131-140.


“Some Issues about the Topological Aggregation of Preferences” (with J.C. Candeal and E. Indurain)

Social Choice and Welfare 9 (1992): 213-227.


II.  Procedural Decision-Making:


    “Choice Procedure Consistent With Similarity Relations” (with J.M. Aizpurua and J. Nieto)

Theory and Decision 29 (1990) : 235-254.


“Similarity and Preferences in the Space of Simple Lotteries” ( with J.M. Aizpurua, T. Ichiishi and J. Nieto)

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 6 (1993): 289-297.


“Decision-Making under Risk: Editing Procedures based on Correlated Similarities, and Preference Overdetermination”

Review of Economic Design 4 (1999): 1-12.


III.  Evolutionary Game Theory and Economic History


      "A Behavioural Foundation for Models of Evolutionary Drift"

    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization  Vol 63 (2007) 497-313.


      “Doubts and Equilibria” (with Antonio Cabrales) 

    Journal of Evolutionary Economics (2013) 23: 783-810


      “Un análisis de equilibrio de largo plazo sobre las Posibles Implicaciones de la Normativa Económica del Fuero Nuevo de Vizcaya (1526)”

      Revista de Historia Económica 1 (1989): 11-44.


IV.  Language Economics:


“Minority language and the stability of bilingual equilibria”  (with Nagore Iriberri),

Rationality and Society  (2012) 24(4) 442–462.


Modeling Two-Language Competition Dynamics(with M. Patriarca, X. Castelló, V. Eguiluz and M. San Miguel)

Advances in Complex Systems, 2012, Vol. 15, Nos. 3 & 4 (2012) 1250048 (24 pages).


“A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Minority Language Use in Multilingual Societies”

In Victor Ginsburgh and Shlomo Weber (Editors) The Palgrave Handbook of  Language Economics, (forthcoming in 2015). Palgrave Macmillan.


 “Economic Theory and Minority Language” (with Stefan Sperlich)

in B-A Wickström and M. Gazzola (Editors) The Economics of Language Policy, (forthcoming in 2015). M.I.T. Press.





“The economics of “Why is it so hard to save a threatened language?”” (with Stefan Sperlich)

Ikerlanak, IL 77/2014.

“Experimental economics meets language choice” (with Ilaski Barañano and Jaromir Kovarik)

Ikerlanak, IL 82/2014.














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