Jaromir Kovarik

Assistant professor

Address:Av. Lehendakri Aguirre 83 48015 Bilbao, Spain 

Telephone:+34 94 6013784 


Research:Game Theory, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Social norms, Social Networks, Game Theory 

Jaromir Kovarik holds Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics from the University of Alicante, and at this moment he is an Assistant Professor in the Economic Department I of the University of the Basque Country and Research Fellow in Bilbao Research in Decision, Games and Economics (BRiDGE).

His main research interests are social norms, social preferences and social networks, and their emergence in dynamic systems. The topics of his research lie on the border of various behavioral disciplines such as economics, psychology, biology and sociology. This determines the methodologies he uses in his research: (behavioral and evolutionary) game theory, agent-based modeling and experimental economics. Currently, he extensively works on social networks.

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