BRiDGE: a metaphor for communication and cooperation

BRiDGE between

  • People from different departments at the University of the Basque Country
  • People working in different but closely related research areas,
  • People with different backgrounds,
  • People starting their career and people with more experience
  • People at UPV/EHU and the rest of the scientific Community


BRiDGE fields expertise

  • Game Theory
  • Social Choice
  •  Welfare Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Behavioural and Experimental Economics


BRiDGE aims

  • to provide a global and unified overview of our research
  • to provide lively and active environment
  • to provide a common forum for scientific exchanges
  • to provide high quality training for our researchers



BRiDGE members

  • represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and methodologies
  • share a common seminar
  • share research projects
  • share the same commitment to promoting research excellence, 
  • share the same commitment to  providing high quality training 
  • share the desire to cooperate


BRiDGE background

A large experience in most aspects of the academic life. See our 

  •  publications, 
  • research grants, 
  • participation and organization of conferences, 
  • training of Ph.D students. 


BRiDGE webpage

to find find our activities: 

  • seminars, events, publications, news, etc., 
  • some practical information about how to get here, some links 










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