Bilbao Research in Games Decisions and Economics

Faculty of Economics

University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

Avenida Lehendakari Aguirre 83

48015 Bilbao - SPAIN 



Department of Applied Economics IV

Karmele Aguirrezabaja  (+34) 946 017 034      

Department of Foundation of Economic Analysis I

Esther Vidal  (+34) 946 017 034  

Department of Foundation of Economic Analysis II

Inés García Martín  (+34) 946 013 774    






























The faculty is just  at the opposite of the metro stop “Sarriko”. You just have to cross two streets to  arrive at the faculty. At the entrance, the dean's building (with the logo of the university) is at the left, our offices are in the main building at the right.  We are either on the third or the fourth floor.


For those who like walking, to get around by foot is a good option. Usually it should not take more than 30-40 to come from your hotel to the faculty. 

METRO (the underground)

The TRAM links the area around Termibus with most of the amenities in Bilbao up to the old town.

Here is a map of the "tranvía de Bilbao" stops.

The bus station Termibus is located in San Mamés.

The train station is Abando.

Bilbao Airport is at about 12 Km from Bilbao. There are direct flights from the Spanish major cities, as well as some European cities (Brussels, Köln, Dublin, Paris, London, Lisbon, Manchester, Milan, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart). From the airport to Bilbao it takes

  • a 15 minutes ride by taxi 
  • a 20 minutes ride by bus (3 buses per hour, from 6 till 24). There are three stops coming from the airport: Avenida Recalde, Moyua Square or Termibus (last stop).

An alternative airport is Santander (at about 100 kilometers from Bilbao), with a bus from the airport to Bilbao (four to six per day, the ride lasts about 1H30)
















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